The Plan

This year, I want to get fit. Not in the “lose 10 pounds” kind of way, just in the feel better about myself and be healthy way! I plan on working out daily, eating better, and recording it all. This post is about my plan and the simple “getting started” things that I need for myself as motivation and to keep track of everything in an organized way.

For some, the first step may be motivation. This past semester of school, I took a nutrition class. My instructor was wonderfully realistic and preached, “Moderation in everything.” This message resonated with me because it means I don’t have to give up the occasional burger from In-n-Out or bag of Sour Patch Watermelons. She also discussed loving a book called Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. The basic principle of intuitive eating is eating when your hungry (no more no less) and forming a healthy relationship with food. I strongly suggest picking it up ($17 at Barnes and Noble) and giving it a try if you tend to over eat, stress eat, or even under eat. Reading this books was the start of my new year’s goals.


The next step is a plan. Based on Intuitive Eating’s guidelines, I created my own modified version:

  • Principle One: Reject the Diet Mentality- There is no such thing as getting fit quickly and easily
  • Principle Two: Honor Your Hunger- Listen to biological signals of hunger
  • Principle Three: Make Peace with Food- Unconditional permission to eat; no “forbidden” foods
  • Principle Four: Challenge the Food Police- Get rid of “Good” and “Bad” labels for eating
  • Principle Five: Feel Your Fullness- Listen to biological signals of fullness
  • Principle Six: Don’t Forget the Satisfaction Factor- Eating can still be pleasurable
  • Principle Seven: Don’t Emotional Eat- Find other ways to deal with anxiety, boredom, loneliness…
  • Principle Eight: Respect Your Body- Accept genetics, have realistic goals
  • Principle Nine: Exercise to Feel the Difference- Get active and just feel the difference, nothing too extreme
  • Principle Ten: Honor Your Health with Gentle Nutrition- Eat healthy but still tasty foods; just feel good

Please give these women their due credit and at the very least visit their website, do not just steal my modified rules, tailor them to your needs!

Part of my plan also includes a fairly strict work-out routine. I used to be very athletic, but over the years I’ve lost that. That being said, I enjoy working out so, once again, please do not just use my plan for yourself, create your own that works for you! Here’s my plan:

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 3.02.02 PM


This workout plan is scheduled to fit where I am during the week (I split time between an apartment by school and my parent’s house in the town where I work) , the things I need to work on (Love handles, small butt, large and round shoulders, horrid posture…) and the kinds of exercises I enjoy.

The final step (before just doing it!) is means. This, for me, meant new clothes, some tech, and a planner. The planner is meant to be a work-out/food journal and will accompany the Nike+ apps and MyFitnessPal in recording my journey to health.


From Target, $8.99


In the front cover of my planner I have taped my Intuitive Eating Guidelines and my work-out plan.


The beginning of my planner has these neat little spots that I will use to record my weight (which I will do twice weekly, on Mondays and Fridays, and once monthly as a part of my monthly measurements, which will occur on the fourth of every month)


I plan on using these weekly planner pages, with a big box for each day, as a sort of journal where I can confess anything atrociously delicious that I’ve eaten, write that I completed all workouts, and record my weight/measurements on the designated days.

Throughout the planner I’ve also written little motivational quotes to keep me going!


For Christmas I asked my mom for the Nike FuelBand (and I’ve downloaded the accompanying app) so that I could record my general activeness, steps taken, calories burned, etc. While this is not necessary, it is something that I thought would help me.


These are my new custom Nike Free 5.0 running shoes (also a Christmas present from my wonderful boyfriend). My old shoes were only a year old, but utterly destroyed from wearing to work and on the occasional hike. In addition to functionality, new workout clothes sort of motivate me in their own right because I just loooove wearing new things. In addition to these shoes I’ve gone to Target and stocked up on some new Champion work-out clothes.


Last is my Contigo water bottle. I actually have two of these because they are my absolute favorite, and I plan on drinking at least 3 bottles of water (72 ounces)/ day.

I still need to get a few things before I can put my plan into action. I need to go grocery shopping, get a large stability ball (to sit on at work in an attempt to save my posture from getting worse sitting at a desk all day), and get a new jumper’s knee strap (I have a wonky knee that hasn’t been right since my middle school track and cross-country days).

So, with all of that being said, today I’ve started making the effort to get hydrated, and I will start my workout regime, healthy eating, and active blogging next Sunday, January 4th, because I know, for me, it isn’t realistic to start in the middle of the week in the cold (the high for the day here will only be 29 degrees on NYE and 35 on the first).